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Don't buy Bitcoin. ​​

Upgrade the money you already own.

All the benefits of crypto.

None of the risk.



Blockchain technology allows scarce "digital gold" to be created. The result has been a virtual "gold rush" to acquire cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, in which fortunes have been made – and also lost. There are people who got in early and achieved 10,000x returns, but many more who got in late and saw their crypto-portfolios collapse. Betting money on new, unproven currencies is not a game most people can afford to play. It's definitely not a low-risk path to financial stability.

Unfortunately, there are also serious problems with today's government-issued money, including the U.S. Dollar. Since 1971, the Dollar has not been backed by gold, so the Federal Reserve can print an unlimited quantity. Anyone who understands the law of supply and demand sees the obvious danger: If the government resorts to printing money in an economic crisis, the value of all the existing money could be reduced or destroyed.



Many people have argued that Bitcoin is the solution to this problem. Others have claimed it's a pyramid scheme. In truth, it's something even more dangerous: A technological innovation that could make all prior money obsolete. That's great news for the early adopters of Bitcoin, but bad news for the billions of people stuck with "old money" that won't hold its value.

Pyramid schemes collapse because nobody can be forced to join the bottom layer. Yet the early adopters of Bitcoin are betting they can force the rest of the world into that position using the technological superiority of their money. They already control 85% of all the Bitcoin that will ever exist – and they want to force you to buy it from them. 

What if the best parts of Bitcoin could be added to the money everyone already owns? Wouldn't that be a fairer, safer way to introduce blockchain technology to the world? We think so, and that's why we created KRNC – the first blockchain protocol that upgrades fiat money with scarce digital gold. 

You don't have to buy anything in KRNC. If you have government-issued money on deposit at a bank, you are entitled to receive digital gold for free. The limited supply of digital gold provides guaranteed scarcity to your money – just like the original "gold standard." In KRNC, the gold is digital rather than physical, so it gets issued directly to you instead of being locked in a bank vault. That's important, because it means you don't have to trust Central Banks to maintain adequate reserves. You control the digital gold and - just like with Bitcoin – no government can print more.   

Bitcoin isn't a pyramid scheme.

It's something more dangerous.

You already own KRNC.

You just have to claim it.



Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin force the public to purchase new money in order to start transacting on the blockchain. KRNC's technology eliminates that barrier to adoption, allowing a fair and orderly transition to decentralized commerce. It makes joining the internet of value as simple as logging in to online banking. 

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The risk of a 51% attack against cryptocurrencies is high because their consensus protocols weigh ownership of resources that lack exogenous demand. KRNC provides stronger guarantees of ledger integrity by distributing cryptographic stakes in proportion to the economy's maximally salable resource. This raises the cost of a super-threshold stake beyond the capabilities of a Byzantine adversary. 


Cryptocurrencies are a high-risk investment, because they rely on fleeting technological advantages to distinguish themselves from one another. The salience of one ledger can evaporate as soon as a competitor with a newer protocol appears. KRNC creates a value-storage Schelling points that is immune to disruption, because its salience is embedded in the ledger's content, not its implementing protocol. 

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